Emotional Resilience Coach

We ALL have to deal with emotional stressful situations and crisis in our lives. We can’t avoid it and to deny it would only make the issue bigger! Our best step hope for dealing with stress is to have the tools we need to deal with it as it comes up. Stress is life in most of us face crisis …

Holistic Methods

Holistic treats the whole person taking into account all the parts of being human. Hollis believes that all parts of us contribute to our overall health including mental and emotional health, physical health like diet and exercise, spirituality, our environment and even our culture as a whole. When we take into account all of these factors we experience an interconnected …

Believe you can change your life!

Change is the only constant

So when you find yourself questioning your ability to make the changes you need you make, remember some important keys. Always remember that the whole job can look very large but each step is actually very small. I often relate this to climbing a hill, mountain, or rock. Sometimes when I first began to exercise I would find myself standing at the bottom of the hill wondering if I could ever get my out of shape body to the top. I struggled with muscle tiredness and weight induced asthma that makes the climbing very uncomfortable. Some days I had to stop in the middle of the hill and many days I simply made it to the top, one step at a time. I focus on each step, rather than the entire hill. I see the hill and then I simply refocus to the tiny steps. Each step you get closer and closer, don’t give up, no matter what. You can climb, you can overcome, you can do this. Its one simple step at a time.