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  1. It’s a dark rainy night.. a hard night. I used to sleep a lot now .. hardly any I saw your name.. I’m m hollis. I think I found you because I was fated to do so

    1. Maybe your meant to engage in readings with me or coaching?

  2. Hello I would love to get a mediumship reading to reach out to my husband I’m just not finding the prices and things.. can you reach out and let me know how much a 1/2 hour and an hour reading are please?

    1. Hi Holly!

      It’s $25 – No worries it tells you how much before you pay, just follow the system step by step, read as you go along and you will find it. 🙂 Email me

    2. you can find booking information and just follow the prompts as you choose what kind of reading we are doing and so on!

  3. just booked a reading for today nov 25th, but i don’t have zoom! tried calling number given here in this site but couldn’t leave a message there. have tried email but thought adding a note here might be helpful. thanks! j c

  4. Hollis. I have an appointment with you on Friday 12/2 @ 3p MT. Unfortunately I have to work that evening…hospital calls! Can we reschedule please?

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