Grief Coaching & Trauma Healing

Grief Coaching

Hollis offers deep and spiritually guided healing through grief and trauma. Hollis brings forward their own experience, a lifetime of experience with spiritual healing techniques, and a progressive scientific approach to healing trauma and grief.

Hollis uses methods like astrology, mediumship, and tarot to help guide your journey through grief and trauma. Having a traumatic childhood and plenty of grief to trudge through themselves Hollis experimented with many techniques over the years and will search to find what is right for you. Using their spiritual experience and guidance as a mentor Hollis will guide you through your own journey with mental health. Supporting your journey with spiritual methods Hollis offers deep personal healing through your own unique journey.

Hollis also applies the most recent science around trauma and grief as well as their formal education in psychology. Step into 1 on 1 coaching that combines science and spirituality to help you work through trauma and grief. The journey is not easy and Hollis will hold your hand through it all & point you towards the light.


-People that are suffering in grief & are willing to do their part to move through it

-People that have experienced trauma and are already receiving other therapies for healing

-People with a strong desire to heal trauma & grief that is weighing them down

-People that need something more than just someone to talk to

-People that appreciate spiritual healing as much as science based techniques

-People seeking to become functional and to achieve more in their lives


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