Looking for a Non-Binary Speaker, Spiritually aware, peacefully positive with a healthy respect for shadow work – Hollis Taylor offers an inspiring calm demeanor with a passion for teaching, wholesomeness, and inclusion with a solid foundation in love & harmony. Hollis’ life experiences, transformations, and perspectives will lead the listener to personal empowerment and a deeper understanding for the topic. Hollis is wise, compassionate, down to earth, and authentic. This gender activist has a different message than many transgender speakers, although they are understanding that transitioning physically works for their brothers and sisters, Hollis didn’t find that transitioning was what they wanted in the end. Speaking out against the pressure to physically transition and spreading the word that choosing NOT to take hormones/get surgery is an option, TOO! Hollis hopes to encourage gender variant people to get in touch with their whole selves, including their homegrown spirituality. Pulling from centuries of historic societies that valued gender variant shamans Hollis offers a modern way to reclaim the QUEER soul! Their book and weekly Live Online show RainbowSoul.show shows their passion and commitment to helping queers harvest their authentic spiritual path, which Hollis believes is often unique from others because of the gender variant perspective. Hollis is comfortable talking about topics such as

-Non-Binary (Gender Variant Identities)

-Divine Androgyne

-Gender Revolution

-Queer Spirituality


-Modern Witchcraft for Queers

-Yoga & Trauma


-Healthy Communities

-Healthy Relationships


-Tarot Cards & Readings

-The Astrological Life

-The Power of the Shadow


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