Hollis offers direct individual guidance for each Medium because they recognize that each and every medium is completely unique, just like YOU! If your looking for direct mentorship and guidance as you step onto YOUR path as a Medium, Exorcist, or Death Doula, you have found what you seek! Offering unique guidance for each individual person and helping you to build towards a professional presence online or in your venue choice.

Hollis holds over 20years experience with mediumship as well as astrology, tarot, yoga, & nature based spiritual paths including witchcraft. They offer direct guidance in this way and try to make it affordable and doable to manifest your unique goals around mediumship! Here’s how it works!

Ways to plug in with Hollis as an apprentice Medium

#Apprentice Reader

-Establish a Chat directly with Hollis through the mentorship program in the Mediums Group

    • Guidance and questions answered in chat
    • Hollis answers when they have time and energy to spare as a free service to you

#FeaturedApprentice Reader

-Sign up to get regular guidance with Hollis Taylor every week or two through their website. This service is just $50 each meeting.

    • Weekly/BiWeekly Recorded Meetings with Hollis Taylor about YOUR progress, learning & style
    • Access to Hollis’ meditations to help you develop your skills

    • Technical Guidance on setting up the business and professional side of your mediumship

    • Emotional/Spiritual Coaching to help you clear your soul in preparation for this path as a medium