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We all need guidance at times and that guidance can look different for most of us. I understand all about struggles in life. I personally have used Tarot, Mediumship, and astrology to carry me through my life’s challenges. In using these methods I also learned a lot about offering them to others. I find myself offering readings for people when they feel stuck, up against a wall, grieving, loss, and many other situations none of us care to be in. Each of these times I support their journey by using the tools that have been used for centuries to guide the human soul, mind, and heart.

Psychic Medium Readings – Has someone passed away to the other side in your life? Missing someone and wish you had access to their wisdom? Hollis offers their personal gift of mediumship that has been under development for over 20+years. Hollis uniquely brings their own personal experience as a death midwife, a mental health education in death & dying, and their gift that they became aware of when their father passed away 20 years ago. You will find that your heart and soul can be guided into healing after losing someone you love.

Hollis can also guide you in developing your own relationship with loved ones on the other side and help you develop your own gift of psychic mediumship.

How to prepare for the best psychic mediumship reading with Hollis:

  • Write down the questions about things/people and situations
  • Bring a notebook to take notes about details that come through – you may not understand it but someone else might
  • Be open-minded, coming in with a testing attitude towards Hollis because you’re not sure if you believe makes it harder for Hollis to read the energies
  • Bring items related to those who have past because it helps them know this meeting is about them (pictures/jewelry/gifts/favorite flower)
  • Have quiet private space for yourself.

    Tarot Readings – Have a choice to make? Want to more deeply understand a situation? Need relationship guidance or help to make a decision about your career? Tarot is a tool used to decipher the messages of the divine or the universe. Tarot helps us read the energies and decide what is best for us and our ultimate goals. Some believe it is about telling the future when in reality, when working with Hollis, it is more like giving you guidance for your future experience around that question or situation. You can even change that ‘future’ by making a different decision based on what you learn in the reading and in that, Tarot is simply a tool to decipher the messages of the universe and energies around you. Hollis has been offering professional Tarot readings for 25+ years.

    Here is how to prepare for a good Tarot Reading:

    • Have Questions clearly defined/write them down
    • Bring a notebook to take notes about the reading
    • Believe! Stay open minded, testing energies tend to lead to less accurate readings because Hollis is reading that you are testing them.
    • Be ready to ask for clarification if something is not making sense in the moment.
    • Have quiet private space.

      Astrological Readings – Working to understand yourself better? Want to make an educated choice about your career, relationship, or other life choices? Trying to raise your child with consciousness and awareness for the unique individual they are? Hollis offers birth chart readings that will help you more deeply understand yourself or your child. Hollis offers a full written document that you can refer to over and over again that details alignments. For children Hollis offers guidance on parenting tips, as a grandparent, they understand about raising with consciousness that each child is an individual. For personal birth chart readings, Hollis can offer guidance about love, relationships, life changes, career, and other big life events.

      How to get the best Astrological readings:

      • Note the date, place and exact time of birth (this can really effect a reading- so precise as possible)
      • If there are certain areas of focus for this chart ask Hollis about them
      • Provide an email address and preferred format for the document (Word doc; PDF; Txt)
      • Provide at least 24-36hrs for the chart as this is a very large unique document for each individual.
      • Understand that astrology is an approximate science, so stay open minded on how certain things might show up for a person

        Dream Interpretation

        Are your dreams so intense you wonder what they must mean? Do they haunt you or reoccur, maybe slightly different or exactly the same? What do our dreams mean? What is our brain trying to tell us? I believe in the divinity of the human brain, that there is a part of the brain that is directly connected to the divine. When we dream the divine is trying to tell us something, are we listening? The interpretation of your dream will open old wounds for deeper healing, allowing for the infections to move on. Often dreams are about us getting on our path and knowing when we are on it. Dreams are intended to also validate you when you are on your path and help you make good decisions. I offer the deepest of interpretations that can be revisited again and again. Written and in your email.

        How to get the best dream interpreation:

        • Write out every detail of your dream. The colors of things, people that stood out or blended in, and every detail that you can think of. Keep a dream journal beside your bed and write it all out, even in the middle of the night.
        • Re-read your journal 2 -4 more times and add details that surface as you remember the dream. Add emotions, influences, thoughts and ideas to your journal. (consider doing it in a different color even digitally so Hollis knows you added it later)
        • Type out and highlight the strongest ideas that stood out the most – this will help your reading be what you really need to hear
        • Be patient, often Hollis will sleep once or twice on your dreams so they can see if there is anything else that comes up as they dream.


          1. Hi I just had an astrology reading from hollis Taylor it blew my mind everything I was told was spot on nothing was questioned I had a great experience I didn’t realise you could get so much from your astrology chart but now I’m convinced it was amazing to be shown the signs in your houses I never understood any of those charts but I felt at ease and definitely recommend Hollis for your astrology reading everything is explained in detail the best chart I’ve ever experienced

          2. Hi I got an astrology reading from Hollis Taylor and I was amazed everything that was said and explained was spot on it was as if they where in my mind everything was so accurate and explained why I’ve been thinking and doing things the way I am it was honestly one of the best and accurate readings I’ve had I definitely recommend Hollis you won’t be disappointed I’ve been so excited I can’t sleep it’s 1.30 am and I still can’t sleep all I can say is wow very patient and explained everything so well thanks Hollis

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