By Hollis Taylor (They/them) Author of: Divine Androgyne: A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People.

We all have hard times and it always looks different to all of us. Right now many of us are struggling with the state of the world and the pandemic. It’s out of our control in a lot of ways. Tarot can greatly improve your mood around things that are stressful, simply by helping you with a different perspective, a new approach, or helping you make a plan. The cards have been around since the 1400’s but were originally used for entertainment value, then later they became more spiritual. The purpose of the cards evolves with human beings. Today, it is a tool to connect to our higher calling.

A tarot reader is using the cards to bring messages from the divine, messages to help guide our lives. Receiving a tarot reading when facing big choices and hard times is a great way to shift your focus. Not only can you get another person’s point of view but the cards are likely to point at the most important topics. Many of us find ourselves sidetracked by small details or distracted with things that only keep us from the main point of the experience. The tarot is likely to help us refocus on what is important, even from the beginning. Most readers ask if you have a specific question and in that, we are more focused on the true issue. Then the cards usually will help us see parts we maybe were ignoring or not noticing.

The cards help direct our minds to a higher vibration of thinking, just by asking. By asking we are tapping into a vibration that is intended to help us. Most tarot readers are in it to help people, we want to help you work through your challenges in life. Also, you tap into a higher vibration by asking cards that are believed to be connected to the universal energy that wants to help us step on our path. Regardless of what you call that energy, it is here to help you and many of us. It is like a tool to tap into that energy and receive those messages.

Regardless of what you believe about a higher power, belief is known to be the most powerful magic for all humans. If you believe the cards will bring you the messages from the divine (however you see that divine energy) then it will. If you approach a tarot reader with suspicion and testing energy your not likely to get a good reading. Yet, if you approach with an open heart and ready to hear the messages you need to hear today regarding your personal troubles, then you will. Belief is powerful, it brings the energy of what we believe towards us. Even if your belief is that the tarot reader is evil, then you’re likely to get in contact with someone out of integrity. If you believe the cards will deliver the messages you need to help you make choices and view from a more divine perspective, then that is what you will receive. What we put out, comes back to us.

A tarot reading can help you make a plan when you might feel chaotic in life. When we are faced with big life choices it can feel chaotic and sometimes simply having another person’s point of view on the situation can be very helpful. Especially if they are unrelated and unfamiliar to any of the individuals. Also, though, when we ask the direct question, we can find out how to plan, how to prepare, or which way to step in order to manifest what we really want. Simply taking the time to consider the cards, to consider another perspective, and to ask the divine energy for guidance is all most of us need. The cards just help us focus on that question and help us define exactly what to do next.

If YOU are a tarot reader I highly recommend using your cards for yourself. Many readers seem to struggle to get a reading for themselves and there are ways to work around that. In the future, I have an article planned on more details about building your relationship with the tarot. So be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. Here’s a few tips for now! Try a basic deck like the Rider-Waite, which has been around for 111 years in 2020, and draw one card a day. Or if there is a deck that speaks to you, use that deck instead. Try to use a deck that has written meanings, unless you find a deck that you intuitively read the images. I personally bought a deck but found a foreign deck that called to me in its images, then learned from the found deck and then years later picked up the deck I bought, so just allow your relationship to unfold as it will. Read what the interpretation SHOULD be and then see if you can find reflections of that card through your day. Some days you may even reach for the ideas you read about in the cards, like the temperance card. You may find yourself more conscious of your choices as you try to bring more balance into your life. This is just one example of a practice to help you build your relationship with the cards and what the universe may want to guide you into.

I offer tarot readings sometimes for free in groups because I know how important getting these messages is. So be sure to follow my page for notifications on when I might offer those. I also offer private readings to folks seeking guidance for their lives and encourage you to visit my readings page to set up a perfect reading, just for YOU!