We all need someone to listen, access to wisdom and someone we can trust to help guide us.

When your gender variant in any way it can be hard to find someone that understands but to also find someone qualified, educated and willing to accept whatever identity you need to explore, express or be seen as could be a challenging task. Hollis is all of this and also identifies outside the binary as a ‘genderqueer’ or ‘non-binary’ person, often they describe themself as both. Yet they understand that there are some people more fluid, neither and even transgender completely that can be seen as almost binary.

Looking for someone that really gets what it means to be transgender, nonbinary, or gender non-conforming? Hollis has been through their own transformation naturally with the mind & spirit and also with the influence of taking hormones.

Hollis is an Intuitive & Transformational Life Coach – so what does that mean?

What’s an intuitive? An intuitive is kind of like a psychic but its not just about telling the future. An intuitive seems to know what is underneath an issue. Hollis has a long history with intuition and over the years has learned to focus it on productive manifestations like tarot, astrology, mediumship and healing. Most of us are intuitive and some of us take the time to focus those energies into something that can help others. Hollis has 25+ yrs with offering professional astrology, tarot, mediumship and energetic healing.

Transformational Coach, what do you mean? A transformational coach is exactly what it sounds like. Hollis is here to coach you through your own personal transformation, whatever that might be. Hollis uses techniques used to help you find what needs to change within you. Since Hollis has been through their own transformations they have empathy and compassion for your experience and can offer wisdom on how to navigate through these transformations.

Alchemist? Alchemy is the ancient magic of turning ‘lead into gold’… maybe you have seen it in the movies or in games. Hollis is actually referring to a type of personal magic where we face, embrace and transform our shadows into something productive or at least come to understand our behaviors. All of us have behaviors that are ‘not our best selves’ yet many of us feel shame, we ignore it, or we deny it is there. When we ignore these behaviors some part of your psyche knows its there and the behaviors grow and grow until we do something about it. Sometimes we just need to embrace it and admit that its true, this helps to evaporate our insecurities about it. Sometimes we can even transform or adjust the behavior by letting go of the shame and instead using it for good. Most of the abusive behaviors we see in the world today stem from insecurities, like homophobia. Many Alchemists today believe the ancient alchemists where actually talking about emotional transformations instead of physically turning ‘lead into gold’.

Witch? Witchcraft is the ancient energy manipulation using nature, in most cases. Witch has been gendered by Hollywood but rest assured that it is indeed not gendered with real live witches. Witches are people that use the natural energies of the world to manifest their own visions, needs or desires. This could be seen in a lot of ways like asking the trees for protection when your feeling scared. Using scents that help you relax and focus or how some use sage to clear the air of negative energy. There are of course many faces of witchcraft and how you use it is completely up to you, although often witchcraft includes karma. So learning to careful about what you send out is a necessary lesson for witches. Hollis has been a self identified witch for 25+ years.

Mage? Similar to being a witch but Hollis uses this term to help us distinguish how they use electricity and technology to bring forward manifestations. Hollis is a natural mage even though they use electricity and technology to support their own energetic manifestations. Hollis often uses all of their magic to help others in a variety of ways, like being a life coach. This comes from understanding that being in service is actually their healthiest, fullest, most rewarding way of being.

What about education? What is Hollis’ background? Hollis has a college education in psychology, is certified as a transformational life coach including using things like CBT, cognitive behavior techniques, to help you transform your perspective in order to manifest a different life. If you are looking to change your life, Hollis is available to guide you into the next page. Hollis is a 15+ year yogi, a person that practices yoga daily, and uses it to reprogram the mind. This is really helpful if you find yourself coming back to negative thinking, victim behaviors, narcissism, insecurities and other obsessive thinking. Coaching with Hollis can help you truly transform especially when paired with a therapist. Hollis is a certified yoga teacher.