Let me start with the definition of what I mean when I say “The Other Side”. I am meaning the dimension in which we go to when we pass, and there seems to be several layers to that. Of course this is simply a belief system and you could absolutely choose to believe NOTHING happens to our souls when we die. For me, that belief is impossible to swallow. My whole life I have found myself communicating with beings on the other side and in most cases they are people that have passed from the dimension most of are interacting in. Yet their dimension does seem to overlap with ours and when I was a teenager watching the movie Ghost was like an awakening that I wasn’t the ONLY person that communicated with the other side. Later I became very fascinated with studying the ways some celebrity mediums where doing it, reading their books and I found myself getting a reading online many years ago. Just as my father passed I found myself getting a very accurate reading in the old fashioned AOL chat rooms! I learned from that reader, she became a mentor for some time and I moved into mediumship as an expression of my connection to the other side.

I have grown so much since that first reading at age 25 – I am now 48yo at the time of writing this blog. I have had training not just in mediumship but also in exorcism, helping spirits move on when they are caught in buildings or places. I studied with a woman that was strong in her ways but a healer at heart – and I witnessed a variety of experiences and soon found myself living in an old mansion as a caretaker. I managed the spirits of that house for years at the request of the homeowner and helped her write a book about the history of the book, answering questions about its history and helping her find the evidence in historic records to prove the history by using my mediumship skills. This experience validated me, again and again. When I would doubt myself it seemed one of these household spirits would step forward to show me that I was not making this up. There was a vortex in the house created by antique mirrors where spirits would regularly travel in and out of the house through dimensions, its a story and experience that I will leave for a different blog for the future. But what I learned in those years of living there was so much about spirits, their intentions, the reason there is the ‘other side’ and what they are meant to do.

I came to the understanding that spirits were not what we see in Hollywood movies and books – they are our guides. The vast majority of spirits are trying to bring messages through to help evolve their soul, your soul, and others that are loved. I also learned that their expression of humanness to us is to meet us ‘half-way’ in order to help us understand what their energy is, to identify them. Really they are all love when they pass to the other side. Spirits are connected to the divine energy of love, love is the ultimate emotion that even reminds us of our spiritual side. Many people talk about how LOVE feels like a spiritual experience, because LOVE is divinity within us. When we are coming from LOVE we are in divinity.

The other side holds much wisdom about communication and signs with other dimension as well as more deeply understanding our purpose here on earth in this lifetime. Understanding the evolution of the human race and our own personal evolution is part of our learning here on earth right now, you can feel the shift among humanity as we head into our relationship of manifestation & harmony with nature. As we move closer to manifesting intelligence in Artificial Intelligence and harmonizing our relationship with nature we will begin to see a world of evolution and more deeply understand our purpose as human beings. Seeing beyond our personal lives and our intimate world and looking beyond to see the bigger picture of life on earth and in our universe.

In my years of experience I have come to understand that ALL of us have the ability to communicate with the other side, and for some of us it means doing readings for other people. While others may just need to do this for their own personal reasons, but we all have the ability as human beings, it just requires the openness to other side. So I have clear guidance to offer a series of classes that will help individuals looking to connect with their loved ones, spirit guides or ancestors as well as developing mediums.

This course will build on each other. Each course will build upon the other offering understanding of the other side that will build and support growth towards communicating with the other side. Including a deeper understanding of symbology, the universal language across all dimensions. As well as how to set boundaries and to reach to the Akashic Records to understand ones past lives, to more deeply understand your purpose here on earth in THIS lifetime. Using LIVE music we will experience it together with the support of the beautiful handpan music that is known for opening the way to the other side. A four class Series, for those among us looking to transform through their grief, looking to deepen their understanding of the other side and develop a relationship with those on the other side.

Walk with me every Saturday evening in February, don’t worry if you can’t do EVERY Saturday, it will be recorded! Save your questions for the next week. I do ask that you register for the entire course because each class supports the other and in that you will surely find growth on your personal connection to the other side. Register under Classes, its just one registration for $100 which includes all 4 courses, the recordings, all the handouts and access to the special music we will be using.