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             An Androgynous Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Mentor, Coach & Author

Hollis Taylor

Hollis' Services

Guidance Readings like Mediumship, Astrology, Tarot, Dream Interpretation, Animal Readings, Medical Intuitive and Past Life Regression

Coaching/Mentorship like Spiritual, Mystical, Trauma Healing, Grief Coaching, & Shadow Work

Services Offered by Hollis

psychic readings

Readings to Guide your Life!

Hollis offers a variety of Readings to help guide your life. Bringing forward their 25+ years experience, connection to their own inner guidance, and compassionate heart. Hollis offers deeply evidential and meaningful readings.

mentorship for mediums

Mentorship for your development

Hollis has helped 100s of people get in touch with their own third eye abilities. Guiding them to their own style of development. Leading YOU to your own development as a psychic, medium, astrologer or mystic.


Coaching you through Life

There are moments that we just need input from someone else. We need guidance on developing our spirituality, getting through grief, or healing past trauma. Hollis brings their education and experience to help you through this time.

Free Learning Circle

Free Learning Circle

Connect with Hollis on Zoom for this regular Learning Circle. Hollis offers guidance in a variety of topics. Hollis announces this on their facebook page where you can also catch the live broadcast and ask questions.

Hollis’ Free Podcast

Hollis joins Bright Hawk & LeKross for a weekly astrology forecast. You can watch this on Youtube or listen on Spotify. Follow Rainbow Soulstrology Astrology to get connected to this free weekly podcast.

Managing Stress (Grief, Mediums, & Trauma)

Managing Stress (Grief, Mediums, & Trauma)

Are you managing a lot of stress? Did you lose someone you love? Maybe your a medium and every day you listen to people’s grief about people they love? OR Maybe you have experienced trauma that you are reacting to now, even if it was long ago. I notice that regardless of what is really going on the result is the same, stress – overwhelm – loss – depression. There are many ways to manage these types of experiences and right now some people are dealing with these exact experiences!

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Gender Variance is a sacred calling and that’s Hollis’ main message in this self help book about understanding and navigating gender variance. If your seeking to understand a gender variant perspective or need a deep awakening of why your variance is sacred, Divine Androgyne is a perfect book. 

Hollis’ Book

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Hollis hosts free learning opportunities – interactive spiritual events – zoom classes and in person events. Connect with Hollis online and/or in person!

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