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Take a musical and spiritual ride deep into your past lives with this profound reading and guided meditation with Hollis and their partner Bright Hawk, who plays the Handpan. This music opens the way to other dimensions and helps us relax, reduce anxiety and get connected to other dimensions. This way we can connect to the these ancient records of our past lives.
Hollis brings the best of both worlds to this reading to help you understand the meaning of your loved ones passing and what that has meant in your life. Hollis uses their intuition and knowledge of astrology to bring through deep messages from your loved one and about their death. This reading will also include your birth chart and how that interacts with your loved ones chart.
Grief Coaching and Trauma healing with spiritual tools applied. This is a great service to add to your already in session regular therapy sessions with a licensed therapist. Hollis can help fill in the time in between seeing your therapist, help you apply spiritual tools to add to your growth, and support your healing. Hollis is educated and keeps up on modern science on proven methods to heal childhood trauma & grief.
Non-Binary Tarot Reader
Gender Variance helps us understand both sides of the gender binary so we can help in relationships. Hollis offers guidance with 3 different decks and will use which one is appropriate for your situation. Hollis helps with complicated and polyamorous relationships.
Reach to the other side and contact your loved ones and get messages. Evidential style means there is validation that comes out throughout the reading to help you feel a real connection. This type of mediumship can be healing if you recently lost someone or need some reassurance.
Hollis helps unlock your mediumship skills and helps you develop your methods further for professional and other needs. This is 1 on 1 mentoring and coaching intended to help you develop your unique style that grows into something either personally helpful or professional
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Hollis’ Spiritual & Mystical Vodcast ‘Rainbow Soul’

Join Hollis Taylor and fellow transman drag king LeKross Oritz for Rainbow Soul – A Live Discussion about the QUEER perspective of Spirituality.

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Hollis (they/them) helps organize this regular meeting for mystical & magickal beings of all kinds. If you need some magick in your life, its free and its a healthy community with inclusion!

(ALL EVENTS ARE LGBTQIA+ Inclusive and include leaders that are LGBTQIA+)

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