Psychic Readings with Hollis Taylor (They/them)

Non-Binary Tarot Reader
Gender Variance helps us understand both sides of the gender binary so we can help in relationships. Hollis offers guidance with 3 different decks and will use which one is appropriate for your situation. Hollis helps with complicated and polyamorous relationships.
medium Readings
Reach to the other side and contact your loved ones and get messages. Hollis can also help you get in touch with your own methods of communicating with other side including Ancestor Magick.
Learn Astrology
Astrology Readings with Hollis Taylor (they/them) a Nonbinary Astrologer. Hollis also will go through your chart WITH YOU and help you understand how to read your own. Astrologers are often encouraged to explore their own chart to learn astrology.
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Join Hollis Taylor and fellow transman drag kin LeKross Oritz for Rainbow Soul – A Live Discussion about the QUEER perspective of Spirituality.

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