Guidance Readings

Psychic Medium Tarot Reader

offering readings for people when they feel stuck, up against a wall, grieving, loss, and many other situations none of us care to be in. Each of these times I support their journey by using the tools that have been used for centuries to guide the human soul, mind and heart.

Intuitive & Transformational Coach

We all need someone to listen, access to wisdom and someone we can trust to help guide us. When your gender variant in any way it can be hard to find someone that understands but to also find someone qualified, educated and willing to accept whatever identity you need to explore, express or be seen as could be a challenging …

Spiritual Coaching

Transformation! It happens!  Are you looking to change the way you live your life? Do you need BIG BIG changes? As a transgender and gender nonconforming person, I have experienced my own BIG changes. As a support or alternative to therapy many people find bonding with a coach sparks big transformation in their personality, behaviors and soul!  I pull from …