Emotional Resilience Coach

We ALL have to deal with emotional stressful situations and crisis in our lives. We can’t avoid it and to deny it would only make the issue bigger! Our best step hope for dealing with stress is to have the tools we need to deal with it as it comes up.

Stress is life in most of us face crisis of all kinds throughout our lives. We are faced with personal crisis, social crisis, emotional crisis and physical crisis. Its like the universe is constantly testing our emotional resilience. When we use our tools to move through it we can adapt in a healthy way on the other side. Otherwise we run the risk of denial, trauma scars that reopen every time something reminds us of it, and emotional avoidance which only makes the issue bigger.

Emotional Resilience is the ability to adapt to stressful situations and crisis. To return to the state you were in before the crisis. Learning to ‘roll with the punches’ can help us cope with stress in life and move past stressful situations quickly. Hollis offers scientifically proven techniques like Cognitive Behavior Techniques and tapping to equip YOU with the tools you need to deal with stress and crisis.

Hollis has learned to adapt after a very traumatic childhood that is described in detail in the first half of the book “Divine Androgyne: A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People” Hollis shares their story in hopes that it will give others hope. Many of us have grown up in traumatic homes, with crisis happening almost every day. When you become an adult and realize the baggage you’re carrying it can be overwhelming to face it. Even if the crisis you experienced was as an adult you still have the baggage of trauma and learning the tools to overcome that is priceless.

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