Divine Androgyne

Divine Androgyne: A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People

Are you ‘out of the box’? Gender non conforming? Gender Variant person? Queer? Gay/Lesbian? Butch? Femme? Androgynous? How do YOU express outside the binary? Many of us do and this is not new to the world. Ancient cultures have celebrated and even idolized gender variant folks for centuries in history. What has happened? Why are we all so oppressed and shamed for our gender expressions?

We are in a transitionary time, humanity is evolving before your eyes and YOU are part of it! There is a gender revolution happening right now in our world, most of us notice it. We NEED you! We need you to step up with as much authenticity you can summon at any given moment, and hopefully move into a deeper authentic expression as you mature. If you are ‘out of the box’ you are being called by the divine to challenge humanity as we know it today! Historically, people ‘outside the box’ push boundaries that are later changed to be more inclusive, even if it takes generations to manifest. The divine needs you to reach inward and find that authentic self, develop a relationship with the divine, and step upwards into the authentic and unique role that is YOU!

Here at this website, we intend to create a safe space to be celebrated as spiritual, queer, and gender variant. Does your gender variance have more meaning than the clothes or makeup you are wearing?

The blog and videos are intended to offer a free resource for gender variant folks that just need a little light support on their most authentic path.

While the deeper more personal offerings around Divine Androgyne include personal life guidance and personal retreats to explore our deep spiritual selves.

Divine Androgyne: A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People is intended to be a self-help version for folks in seeking meaning in their spirituality and working to understand how their gender variance plays a part.

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