Having a guide on your path can be priceless! As you explore your path, in gender, in spirituality, in holistic health, in magic Hollis simply hopes to answer questions, point you in the direction you want to go and offer understanding support. Hollis has had the opportunity to explore their gender in many ways and holds experience with natural hormone changes, synthetic and even transformations like drag.

Looking to live a more holistic life eating natural foods, herbs and finding what’s natural for YOU? In our world today it can be easy to get lost in sugar addiction, fast food obsessions, and so on that lead us further and further away from a natural existence. Mental health and old habits keep us obese, overweight, acne, and manifest other health issues. Hollis has lost over 100lbs naturally, handled peri-menopause naturally, and has changed their relationship with food with yoga.

Looking for guidance on magick, Wicca, and alternative religions that celebrate gender variance? There are many alternative tools to manage our lives like tarot and astrology and Hollis here to support your exploration. Hollis is very experienced in Wicca & Paganism, 25+ years, and ancestral work like mediumship. Hollis offers private readings and rituals using mediumship, wicca, and tarot. Hollis also found that astrology is very helpful along any journey, exploring who we are is one of the most valuable lessons offered by astrology. Astrology can also be used to guide us through challenging times.

Hollis offers private guidance on how to do magick, wicca, paganism, mediumship, astrology and tarot. Get on the mailing list for when Hollis begins to offer larger classes and retreats regarding these topics.

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