Harvesting Your Authentic Path

Transgender? Non-binary? Gender Variant? Have you felt like having spirituality is forbidden because of your gender bending? Hollis really understands this because of their own experience of being shamed for their gender exploration. Many mainstream religions imply shame and judgement on people that challenge the gender roles, regardless of how we may do that. Many of us choose our authentic gender expression over a religion that shames us.

Is it possible that there is NOTHING wrong with our gender variance? Is it possible that some divine energies are actually counting on us to help dismantle the gender construct? Hollis personal path has called them to their own empowerment beyond the binary. Hollis believes that they are part of the evolution of the human race, beyond gender and the entire construct. Hollis also believes that those called to this path are also part of that evolution and that ALL OF US together are actually here to change the world. That our spiritual path is actually gender variance, gender bending and challenging the construct, regardless of how you do that. Hollis offers coaching to empower you to find your OWN TRUTH in this, what is true for you?

There are some religions that offer guidance on the importance of gender variance and Hollis offers coaching for these more nature based paths. Hollis recommends exploring religions yet finding your own authentic spiritual path that suits you the best. Exploring religions can help you tap into the energies of spirituality but always remember that your connection with the divine is all your own. Stand as an empowered Gender Variant person on your own spiritual path.

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