There are many forms of divination and the Tarot is a very popular choice. Although it’s only really been used as divination for the past approximately 100 years. There are other forms that have been used much longer, but Tarot holds a special call. I notice it is often one of the first types of divination to call people to their psychic and intuitive gifts. I believe many of us have all sorts of gifts and some of us are profoundly good at a variety of things that make us good at Tarot. We are often easy to talk to, understanding, compassionate and have an innate desire to help others. Some of us have an intuitive nature about what a good choice for someone might be, what is about to happen, or combinations of gifts. So when we are called to tarot, I believe we should answer. Even if we don’t want to do it professionally, offering it to ourselves and friends as a way to guide our lives is a priceless gift. Tarot can be a great way to help us through hard times.

The other observation about Tarot I have noticed is that some people have some interesting superstitions related to it. I would like to instead view it from a more grounded perspective. Tarot is a set of cards, that we are connected to, likely because we are attracted to the art. Often times tarot has art that calls to us and helps us to interpret the cards. When we practice on a regular basis the divine knows we will return to this divination, therefore providing us with guidance when we do. What I mean by this is that as a reader, if you do a daily one card pull for yourself, you will develop an understanding with the cards. Then divinity will also know how you will see a certain card, how you will interpret it for others and therefore use it as a mode of communication. This is a great way for the divine to send you the messages you need to hear, understand and take into account.

Developing this type of relationship will make you more and more accurate in your readings, it will be easier for you to hone in on the issue, and make it easier for you to give a good reading to the seeker. Some people have asked me, “How do I know which deck to use?”

The simple answer is this: “When you’re looking for a deck just go to what calls you.” Let me share my story.

I was interested in witchcraft, Wicca, and other natural spiritual paths so I was looking for local stores in my small town. Eventually, I found a shop and was excited to stop in. One of the first things I noticed was the Tarot cards, a whole wall of it, and the shop was holding a class! I was excited so I bought a deck and signed up for the class a week later. I took the unicorn deck home and stared at it all week sitting on my altar, like a gift waiting to be opened. When I attended the class I was excited to meet others interested in the tarot and was greeted by a woman as I walked in the door. She had a whole set of opened cards laid out in front of her and she said, “I am giving these away so if you see something you want, just go ahead and take them.”

I was impressed, she was incredibly generous. I looked through and a set stared at me that was clearly unusual, it wasn’t in english. It had astrology symbols on it but the artwork called out to me. As I looked at each card I could read it like a book. I just started putting one card down at a time with a short interpretation. She smiled at me and said, “Well looks like that one is yours!” and she handed me the box. She informed me it was good that I was pulled like that because she didn’t have an interpretation book. Since I didn’t really understand the difference I just happily took the box, like I had just recieved a gift.

The class clearly pointed me in the direction of learning the Rider-Waite system simply because it is often the basis for other sets of cards. Even the foreign set I had obtained was loosely based on the system. I didn’t follow the advice of the teacher, honestly I was so intrigued by the deck I had been gifted I didn’t even bother to open the Unicorn deck and considered returning them. I instead decided to just study each deck on their own timeline. I studied the foreign deck for about 2 years and I began to give my friends readings, especially around the holidays. One friend, kept coming to me for readings and after a few times she insisted on paying me. She even suggested that I consider doing it professionally, and my path began at the tender age of 21yo. I still use that deck for Tarot Readings, today.

I have learned my unicorn deck and even Rider-Waite and still have a deck on the shelf waiting for my committed study time. I have learned one thing from these several decks that no matter which one I use, I get the same experience. Clearly, the divine is trying to give the seeker a message. I get it from different angles, which can change the experience for both the reader and the seeker when getting a reading. I have noticed that my original deck is still the easiest for me to read and apply to others.

The reason I tell you all this is because if I hadn’t bought myself a deck and attended the class, the rest would not have happened. So if you are being called, dismiss superstitions like “you have to have a deck gifted to you” or “you can’t use the book” or “you must use the book”. Don’t let any of that deter you from what you’re being called to do. I would even suggest that you get whatever deck speaks to you and begin a daily practice. Here are 8 tips for picking out your new deck.

8 Tips for picking your starter Tarot deck

  • Don’t be attached to how the deck will come to you
  • Notice what deck is easiest for you to interpret
  • Sleep on the choice, see if a set shows up in your dreams
  • Look at the art slowly and notice if you get chills or warm feelings
  • Review the Story if one came with it, does it speak to you?
  • Do a one-card reading for a friend, what deck was easiest to apply
  • Check-in with your ancestors, see if there is a preference.
  • Start with the Rider-Waite set to learn the system first
  • Find a Tarot Reader Mentor to help support your journey

Stay tuned for more about how to create a ‘daily practice’ with our Tarot Cards and other ‘Getting Started’ series. I am also developing online courses, workbooks, and other learning tools. I am always available for mentoring.