As a child, I always seemed to hear things other people didn’t. I always seemed to sense energies and people, when no one else was around. I never understood this gift until my father passed away when I was 25yo. I struggled for weeks with the emotions and all that came with losing a parent, especially a parent we adore and are close with. I found myself online and I ended up in a chat room, for mediums. They were doing free readings and after some time she began to channel what sounded like MY FATHER. I was surprised and taken aback that what she was describing was my father! Many things matched from his favorite flower, his nickname and eventually I stepped forward to validate the medium. Then as she continued with the reading she told me that I was being called to the path and now was the time.

I really didn’t know what she meant but after a night of dreams, spirits in my house, and visions of spirits at my side I decided that it was a good path to explore. I would at least give it a try. So I asked her, how do I follow the path of a medium? How do I hone this gift she claimed I had, that I somehow felt she might be right. She explained she would hold my hand through the process. After many sessions with her, after much explanation and support from her, I began to understand how to interpret the energies that were coming to me. She explained how some of us hear, some feel, some see, some sense, and some smell. Most of us experience all of these, at least a little. Yet when we channel we usually have one or two that dominate. The best way to hone this gift is to ‘get out of the way’. Really, like just clear the mind and listen, be open to what comes. Fear, doubt, and judgment had to take a backseat.

The first time I tried to do public readings, in a chat room, I began to channel a very strong feminine energy. She was someone’s mother and the details came through one at a time. Eventually, I was validated by a person in the room. I didn’t know this person at all, but we soon became friends. 20yrs later, we are still friends! She will be the first to tell you how I validated the emotions she struggled with around her mother’s death. It was as if her dead mother brought together a lifelong friendship. A gift for using my gift?

When I would listen to her I would feel like this gift didn’t make ME special, that instead it actually was literally a ‘gift’. Something I gave to others that soothed their hearts and lifted their soul. The more readings I did the more I felt filled. Over the years I would offer readings professionally and casually and each time I would feel like I just gave them a flower. Truly a heart warming experience.

Over the years, I have learned that anyone can communicate with their loved ones at any time. Although I would say that “All Souls Day” or anytime in late October to early November is a great time to begin. It’s easier during this time. I have learned that many souls are waiting for you, they literally are waiting for you to listen. They have messages for you and they are often trying to get your attention. In this modern world, we ignore and dismiss what we feel, as if everything must be physical for us to believe. Some people don’t even believe in the soul. Even though the mind is invisible, we believe in that, yet we struggle to believe the souls of our ancestors are waiting with loving messages for us. If you watch what Hollywood tells you, you might even believe those spirits would hurt you. Beyond these modern absurdities we can find what resembles a closer truth, a truth that most of our ancestors offer guidance. They are beside us. Although many of us that DO believe we aren’t sure how to listen. Here are a few steps:

  1. Take about 3-5 mins to just clear your mind. Try not to think about anything else. Take a breathe and blow away the thought bubbles.
  2. On your first try, ask that they validate you. Often validation feels like ‘chicken skin’ – ‘tingle in your gut’ – a feeling of a hand on your shoulder among other things – just sit and notice what it is for you.
  3. As you proceed to listen try not to think, just clear your mind and see what shows up.
  4. When you think you have a message, notice if you get your feeling of validation along with it. (This is easier sorted out in a direct training session with Hollis Taylor)
  5. Close your eyes and notice any images that might show up
  6. Consider asking questions.
  7. Consider saying the names of the dead out loud if you have a question for them specifically or you want to contact them
  8. Keep their pictures and personal items on an altar, table, or surface near your sitting place to pull their energy towards you
  9. Light a candle/fire and stare into it
  10. Have your journal nearby so you can write things down, some messages make more sense later

The other thing I noticed was that the more you do this, the more the spirits come to you, the stronger their messages become. Join ‘Mediums’ Facebook Group to practice with strangers to really hone in your gift. Like anything, practice makes perfect.

I can offer you guidance and coaching on your path to communicate with the other side and encourage you to reach out to your dearly departed loved ones. I can also reach out for you and ask certain questions. I encourage you to contact me through my website.

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