The OTHER side?

online class

Let me start with the definition of what I mean when I say “The Other Side”. I am meaning the dimension in which we go to when we pass, and there seems to be several layers to that. Of course this is simply a belief system and you could absolutely choose to believe NOTHING happens to our souls when we …

Death, Dying & Mediums


Fall seems to remind us of death. The trees begin to shed their leaves and our gardens die. We harvest until the plant is done giving and lay them down for the season. Consciously or not we become more aware of our own mortality and that another year has passed. This last year we have all had some sort of …

Guidance Readings

Psychic Medium Tarot Reader

offering readings for people when they feel stuck, up against a wall, grieving, loss, and many other situations none of us care to be in. Each of these times I support their journey by using the tools that have been used for centuries to guide the human soul, mind and heart.