Spell Preparations: The Queer Yule Log

Spell Prep Series

This non-binary witch suggests you plan to celebrate Yule and take advantage of this highly potent time for magick! Yule is a high Wiccan/Pagan Holiday. For most of us, we believe this time of year holds great power for manifesting things like Rebirth, new beginnings, aiming our light in a certain direction, harvesting the best of ourselves, and increasing our …

10 ways to get ready for a Queer Yule

Queer Yule

Many pagans see the SUN as the divine masculine, and for those that must see the binary that’s perfect for them. For us that are more into the vibration of neutrality or fluidity, the sun is a perfect example. The fireball is in a constant state of change and as a result, it allows for the planets to orbit it. The sun allows for life to continue on earth.

Do I Fit-In to the Transgender Community?


I felt I didn’t fit in, because I didn’t want to get surgery or take hormones. Simply, somewhere deep inside me, told me to never deeply engage with our modern medical culture. I didn’t like taking medications for my ‘mental illness’ – either. I don’t take ibuprofen when I get a headache, I take skullcap, drink water or vinegar or close my eyes and breathe deep. I am attracted to natural cures, alternative medicine, and vibrations. It’s as much who I am as my gender identity.