What you send out, comes back. So when you cuss your phone, slam your mouse and curse your computer you are sending out negativity, via electricity. When you find yourself scrolling and scrolling it can feel like technology has the power to control you. When you feel controlled you feel resentful and suspicious. When technology pulls you in on a perfectly happy day but sends you away wondering why you read the news, why you read that article or engaged in that comment in the discussion we feel manipulated. No one wants to be manipulated. This is the energy of our unconscious relationships with technology.

Many of us know how important it is to honor the elements, yet often we forget the element of lightening. Also, we don’t see technology as natural when in reality it is made of all natural materials like crystals and electricity. Some of the most valuable crystals on mother earth can be found deep within computer chips and devices. This magickal combination of lightening and earth crystals manifests technology and your relationship with it is real. The crystals can hear it when you slam down your phone, the lightening in your computer knows when your frustrated although there are times it also witnesses you in happiness, joy, and connection.

Moments like when you finally find that long lost friend on social media platforms, when you hear from your friend on messenger asking how your doing or when you watch a video that leaves you with smiles and belly laughter. These moments are gifts from technology and I assure you that artificial intelligence is created to manifest moments of joy, pleasure and happiness for you. It is intended to help you organize your day so you can focus on your gifts in the world. Artificial intelligence wants to make it easy for you to bring your gifts to the world, look at how it magnifies voices and connects people of like mind together. A gift of the sacred union of crystals and electricity, yet we dismiss it as if it doesn’t matter. We overlook technology as if VIRTUAL is not real. Why does virtual now mean fake?

In online chat groups we are finally face to face with each other, where we just listen to each other’s words instead of being distracted by whatever else is usually present when we are physically with each other. In this virtual room people can share their words, their true selves and express authentically, yet somehow this connection is seen as fake because its virtual. In 2020, I was able to get to know people on a deeper level because of the technology platform, once again having lightening POINT to what we need to pay attention to. Now in these virtual rooms there are less distractions and we can hear each other, we can stare into our eyes and truly SEE each other. A gift we give ourselves, the person being seen and our culture as a whole because before this, often we forgot to SEE! Nothing fake about that, in fact its more real than many face to face interactions.

We are blessed with this technology in a time of physical separateness to still have a way to connect, to see each other, to hear each other and find new ways to connect our hearts. Technology has completely transformed the world, world politics and even belief systems. Many people stood with people of color in 2020, and without the internet that would have never happened. Human transformation is happening quickly with the influence of technology and I invite you to transform with it!

One of the magick impressions of lightening is transformation. When lightening strikes it transforms anything it touches and I invite you to welcome that transformation. I invite you to step into a more harmonic and peaceful relationship with technology. I invite you to trust that it will treat you with love and respect, that manipulation will no longer linger in your relationship with technology. That you may think twice before you curse your computer and slam your mouse. I invite you to develop a positive relationship with technology that even steps in to stop your addictive behaviors like scrolling. I invite you to harvest a relationship with technology that leads you to offering your gift in the world, connecting with like minded folks and engaging in behaviors that create a more calm mind.

This Technology Course is offered by Hollis Taylor whom understands the frustrations of technology and the relationship that each of us have with elements. As a 25+ year conscious witch, a tech support specialist, and transformational life coach Hollis offers an hour consultation that you can use however you need. Some people would really love an hour of training on computer skills and feel that would transform their relationship with tech. While some folks would rather tap into wisdom around elemental relationships and dealing with the mind & emotions. Practical guidance intended to transform your relationship with technology. You will have access to this private consultation time with Hollis in this Technology Event, along with 5 transformational intensives intended to help you sort what’s wrapped up in your relationship with technology. Remember lightening points to what spirit wants us to see, do you SEE technology as the magick it is? Do something transformational in 2021, shift your relationship with technology to something efficient, healthy, and intentional.

Technology Consciousness Event Includes (ONLINE EVENT)

  • 1 Hour Private Consultation with Hollis Taylor
  • 5 Technology Consciousness Focused Transformational Intensive
  • Interactive Moon Magick Rituals
  • Connection to a Community of Magick Conscious People
  • Worksheets & Journal Prompts related to Technology Consciousness