Mercury is Nonbinary & Retrograde is Healing!

Nonbinary astrology

My experience with Mercury Retrograde has shifted over the years. I used to be afraid and worried because there were times I found myself making all sorts of mistakes during Mercury Retrograde. My heightened awareness of the time would also manifest anxiety and pushing me to worry more and more. This is NOT how astrology was meant to serve people. …

Guidance Readings

Psychic Medium Tarot Reader

offering readings for people when they feel stuck, up against a wall, grieving, loss, and many other situations none of us care to be in. Each of these times I support their journey by using the tools that have been used for centuries to guide the human soul, mind and heart.


Having a guide on your path can be priceless! As you explore your path, in gender, in spirituality, in holistic health, in magic Hollis simply hopes to answer questions, point you in the direction you want to go and offer understanding support. Hollis has had the opportunity to explore their gender in many ways and holds experience with natural hormone …