Gender Variance

Regardless of how you express your gender variance many of us have been oppressed. We have been told or its been implied that there is something wrong with us. As if by being gender variant was unnatural. When in actuality gender variance even shows up in animals and plants and the history of humans proves that we have been around longer than even religion.

Many religions make it a sin to challenge these gender roles when for us it feels as natural as eating. Some would even say its a phase or that we are being influenced by our culture or by the gender movement. Yet what if there was another perspective?

What if instead you were seen as special, in a way that is intended to change the world! How would it feel to be celebrated and encouraged to express fully in whatever fashion called to you. How would YOU feel if someone said, “Wow, thanks for opening my eyes up to the gender construct. Thank you for your medicine.” Divine Androgyne actually is the belief system that you were called to your path, regardless of how you handle it. This means if you choose to just live outside the binary, if your a drag performer, if you choose to take hormones or have surgery, or if your just not sure what you want to do about it. Maybe you have always challenged the gender roles and finally you are ready to step out of the closet even though you are not 20 yrs old anymore. Regardless of how its happened for YOU, the path of Divine Androgyne validates that your experience outside the gender binary is actually your calling. Even if your not an activist, even if you just choose to quietly be who you are, in that you are influencing the world. In many ways those people are right, there is an influence that happens. This influence is actually in the best interest of all humans.

Gender construct is unhealthy for most of us and many gender variant people see this, especially as they explore their own gender constructs. We realize that cisgender men are taught not to feel or they are seen as weak. We come to understand that cisgender women are oppressed from empowerment because they are taught to be polite. We see intersex people be mutilated in an effort to keep them in the binary when they are the living proof that nature does create outside the binary sex. The gender construct keeps people from being their truest or most authentic selves. Cismen hide their feelings while ciswomen pretend they can’t do things and this type of behavior results in hiding our true selves, our most authentic expressions.

Divine Androgyne offers YOU personal empowerment to step on your path, shed gender constructs and begin to express fully we find ourselves in our most authentic expressions. This can help you manifest your dreams, bring other authentic people into your personal circle, and manifest a life that feels full and real. So many unforeseen benefits including better mental health, more balanced physical health, and relationships that feel authentic and fulfilling. Many other benefits will begin to emerge as you harvest your most authentic expressions and walk the path that was meant for YOU.

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