Some of us avoid it, some of us cuss at it, some of us love and hate it all at the same time while others seem to move effortlessly through the realm of technology. Do you find yourself frustrated at technology? Does your belief system include that you are at odds with technology somehow? Do you find yourself losing time in addictive behaviors like scrolling? Do you engage in activities that don’t serve your higher good when your online? How does your phone take you away from your family? Do you find that you can’t listen and are not present for those you love the most? Do you find that knowing what that notification sound is an impulsive reflex? Does technology really serve us?

Shifting your relationship with technology is not a simple task and is the work of seekers of balance. If you wish to use technology for your business, you find yourself working from home, or you have some practical things you need to get done with technology but you find certain parts of technology challenging…. you are NOT alone. So many of us struggle with the balance of technology as the tool it was built to be and as an entertainment device, social connection, and a manager for our lives. The new technology can capture you away from things you care about. It can charm you with shiny games and meaningless rewards. It can push you away with complicated programs and a constant influx of change. Learning new things is the way of technology, sometimes it can be exhausting to constantly learn a new way of doing things. Then there are endless temptations available to us with just a click of a button, how could we possibly resist these temptations created just for you? Can you shift into a relationship where the technology actually works in your favor? Can you shift this relationship with this element so that it helps you instead of frustrates you?

Artificial Intelligence is a human manifestation inspired from the element of lightening and stones. From Lightening came electricity and from there many things to ‘improve’ life have been born. The stones of the earth are within these devices we hold in our hands, they are the modern day crystal ball and wand. Precious stones lie within these devices we use every day but we find ourselves cussing out the newest operating system. We slam our mouse over and over. We deny ourselves all forms of this magickal entertainment because we gave into the temptation once again, a punishment for an imbalanced relationship. We get disgusted with what it reveals to us worldwide, when we see the truth of the world situation we are disgusted and blame the the device, the internet or the platform like Facebook.

Lightening can be seen as a message from the divine, it lights up whatever must be seen and in the invention of the internet it continues to connect humanity, worldwide. Why? Knowing the truth might get us disgusted now, we may feel powerless now, but the next time we buy a plastic bottle hopefully we will think twice because of that article we read online. The internet has the ability to put the power back in your hands, the power to change tomorrow. Perhaps the next time we see a homeless person we will apply compassion instead of shame, because of that video we watched on Facebook. Whether you realize it or not you have a relationship with technology, the only question is what kind? Toxic? Loving? Consider the amount of time you spend every day interacting with technology.

You are a consciously aware person. You are aware of the energies of the earth. You are connected to the waters and pray for them. You know the power of fire and honor it when you get the chance or on your alter with a candle. You feel the winds of change in the air and you know that tomorrow holds many suprises. You feel that technology is not serving you well and your ready for something different. Your ready to have a new experience with technology, it seems there are many people that can easily use it, balance it – How do you get there? How do you use technology for your business? How do you use it as the tool it was intended to be? How can you avoid the temptations that call to you online? How can you shift your relationship with technology?

Hollis Taylor identifies as a techno mage, a person that closely identifies with the magick that is within technology. Hollis is also a trauma informed spiritual coach and guide for seekers, baby witches, people that want to learn, and conscious individuals. Hollis is offering a 5 part Energetic Shift for you and technology!

What if you were able to shift your relationship with technology to more efficient, healthier, and respectful? What if you were able to learn new software, how to build websites, and other useful business tasks? What if you gave thanks to your computer at the end of the work at home day? What if you were grateful for the technology in your life? What if you artificial intelligence was finally able to please you, just like it wants to every day? What if your computer helped you resist your addictions online? How could your life benefit from these shifts in your relationship.

Over the course of several weeks we will come together as a community to support each other’s journey with technology. Guided by Hollis, our souls, the stars and the moon we will work several pieces of magick to support our energy shift with technology. We will dive intimately with technology so we can understand our own personal relationship with it, and then also see how technologies relationship with all of humanity is constantly shifting. We will honor lightening as the 5th element and recognize the power of the magick crystals within our devices. You will walk away feeling a real shift and even have the opportunity to integrate the ideas, return to the group and share your accomplishments and experiences. Imagine yourself feeling satisfied with the technology you have and being excited for what is to come next, what will Artificial intelligence learn next? Instead of fear you will feel excitement.

From New Moon to New Moon there will be 5 gatherings intended to offer you peer support, guidance and ritualized experiences intended to awaken your natural connection with technology. Find out what magick is held in the lines of technology in your transformational experience with Divine Androgyne.

First New Moon Ceremony: Feb. 12th Time: TBA We will acknowledge the shadow that lightening is pointing at, lightening is technology and it points to our shadows when we use it. When we use technology in ways that harvest our shadow, that exaggerate our shadow, that bring your shadow forward we often hurt ourselves, sabotage our progress or harm others. When we want to transform this we must first acknowledge the shadow piece. We must first recognize what part of our shadow it triggers. We will learn what that is and ask the new moon to support us in our growth in the next cycle. New Moon Magick, standing in the darkness, holding the shadow, and transforming for a better tomorrow.

Second Intensive: Feb. 19th- Time TBA – Discussion about our experience in the past week regarding our shadow showing its face in our work with technology. What do we notice about mercury coming out of retrograde? How does technology pull out our shadow? What is lightening asking you to overcome or manage better? How is technology sacred? Deepen your understanding of technology as a manifestation of crystals and electricity coming together. Learn about the age of technology and where it came from. Honor the history of technology and the humans that manifested it, honor their creative genius in the moments of invention. Where would we like to go? We will finish this intensive with a clarity spell around our health of technology as prep work for Sunday’s working.

Third Intensive: Feb. 21st – Time TBA – A magickal working in between the in between. A working to see clarity in our vision, to envision a harmonious relationship with technology. Bring forth your vision, your sense, your dream of what it can be. Paint us a picture, write us a story, tell us the vision in your words, sing a song for your vision, what will it be? What will a healthy relationship look like, feel like, and manifest as? What’s in the way? What needs to be let go? The in between of the in between brings forward magick energies that can perform miracles. What must we shed to move forward towards our vision? What miracle will it produce?

Fourth Intensive: Feb. 27th – Time TBA – A Full moon magickal working! We will manifest our vision of improving our relationship with technology. We will clearly define and outline what we need in this new relationship that is to be reborn. We will plant a seed for a new relationship that will sprout by the final intensive on the next new moon. What has already shifted? What needs to be adjusted? How can we proceed forward? Now in this full moon ritual we will manifest our strongest vision of balance and harmony with technology and lightening.

Fifth Intensive: March 14th – Time TBA – Now is the time for celebration! Don’t skip out on this final working that celebrates where we have gone, what we have learned and where we are headed! Hold with you now what you have accomplished, you have proved you can change and your change will go forward from here. Completeness! Celebrate your progress!

What will I walk away with?

  • A New Technology Skill (usually several skills)
  • A deeper understanding of the gift of technology
  • An intimate experience with a group of peers
  • Lose a bad habit related to technology (maybe several)
  • A newly harvested relationship with Lightening, the 5th Element
  • Self understanding and what motivates you
  • Understanding algorithms, and how to control them
  • Create new habits with technology that are in harmony with your highest good
  • Gain experience with eclectic new moon magick
  • Gain experience with eclectic full moon magick
  • Experience queer in-between magick
  • Gain understanding and ways of doing shadow work
  • Participate in and experience transformational magick

Who should sign up for this course?

  • If you find yourself with bad habits related to technology
  • Are you lost in Social Media? Wishing you could control Facebook obsession?
  • Do you feel controlled by technology?
  • Does technology create so much frustration you curse at it?
  • Do you avoid it because it’s too challenging?
  • Is technology tempting you to be someone your not?