By Hollis Taylor

When we talk about struggles in life we often want something, but can’t have it when we want it, for some reason. Regardless of the issue its a goal we want to achieve but for some reason it eludes us. If we are quitting some addiction, we want peace from the pursuit of the addiction and how it effects our lives. We want to be rid of the side effects of any addiction leaves us with. We want to be healthy, but we seem to continue to make bad choices. We want to be in love but keepĀ our distance from those that love us. When this happens I immediately wonder “What are we neglecting in ourselves that keeps us from that goal?” Something is missing for this person, something, and I bet you know exactly what it is… if I asked you that.

That’s what you ask yourself: What do you want? What don’t you have, that you need? As you truly consider your answer you might be surprised at the answers to those questions. When you step back and truly ask yourself what your healthiest happiest life would be, with serious consideration to balanced health, many of us might consider the answers impossible. When outline your goals you should not just consider food and work but also social engagements, following interests, sexual health, emotional intelligence, and spiritual fulfillment. Define goals, make them achievable, then pursue them with determination and persistence. Don’t forget to reward yourself.

That’s a holistic approach. That is how we find permanent change in the direction you want to go. The paths are all interconnected. Your emotional security will support consistent work outs and health eating. Healthy eating and consistent workouts will improve physical, emotional, and mental health. We must fully connect all parts of our lives and bring them together and realize just how connected we are in various parts of our lives. Inside us is connected like a puzzle and the goal is to put the puzzle together as best we can.

We all know that we are connected to each other but many of us get lost in the pain and put up walls. We push people away. We hide from people. We run away. We numb ourselves. This is simply out of protection of our most vulnerable selves, its a knee jerk reaction. Interestingly safe is not always a good way to live life because safe doesn’t grow, or at least grows slowly. I have no time to waste, I think I have wasted enough. How about you? Have you wasted your time? Something drives us to change… many of us though, want MORE time. We want to live longer, we want more energy, or we want to experience life at a higher quality. Regardless of what drives us, if you are reading this its likely you want to improve your health. I am happy you’re here. At some point we awaken and realize we are lost and we must reach for someone.

We need a hand.

We need a hug.

We need to know, there is a way.

We need love.

We need self love.

We need inspiration.

We need support.

Change is the only constant.

We must evolve.

I know, I been there. Take my hand.

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