Who is Hollis?

A natural coach counselor person with a lifetime of struggles that are now gifts to harvest compassion and offer skills to clients searching to overcome similar struggles. Offering coaching with active listening skills, relatability, an education in psychology – coaching – techniques for trauma, applying trauma informed compassion with a lifetime of experience and exploration in energy work, natural magick, astrology, mediumship, and tarot. A teacher, a mentor and a coach for those in need of a more spiritual approach to their personal transformational journey.

Hollis’ Strengths

  • Active Listening
  • Relatability
  • Finding the Root
  • Transformation
  • astrology/mediumship/tarot
  • Energy work
  • yoga/breath work/buddhist mindset
  • All Natural
  • Gender Variance/Queer related healing
  • Leadership/teaching
  • Time management
  • Organization and prioritization
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Professional Experience

Life Coach

2018 – Present

  • Wrote a book for transgender people and have began to build my life coaching services online.
  • Maintain long term relationships with clients with reliable meetings and transformational experience
  • Validated and guided people through transformational experiences that leaves them feeling empowered
  • Empowered and mentored several mediums and now run a large facebook group for mediums
  • Certifications and Accredited information are listed in education

Tarot Reader

1995 – Current

  • Have connected to numerous decks over the years that are themed for certain topics.
  • Learned to use Tarot as a way of bringing in messages from the divine for my client or self.

Astrology Charts

2012 – Current

  • Although I have studied my own chart most of my life I began to put together natal chart readings for clients in 2012
  • Currently maintain several semi-regular clients for natal/transit readings for personal guidance using the stars
  • I have found that astrology supports my coaching style in a deep way and most of my clients feel very empowered and validated after a sit with their chart.


2000 – Current

  • A constantly blooming and empowering gift to communicate with my ancestors
  • Professional readings, house clearings, possession and death doula skills are the skills that are most asked for by my regular clientele
  • I sometimes using mediumship/ancestor work to help through trauma or to help someone else build similar skills listed above


Synchronicity University – 2-3 classes weekly of Professional Astrology classes 2020-current

Transformational Academy – Transformational Life Coaching & Cognitive Behavioral Techniques for Coaching, 2018-2019

Teepa Snow – Caregiver training for people with dementia

Death Doula Training – Tea Maker, Pipe holder, and certified healer in the Myan tradition

Department of Health in PA – Certified Nursing Assistant program with hospice care

Chesapeake College – AA Psychology & Counseling – Honors Graduate & Phi-Theta Kappa Secratary – Gay/Straight Alliance Leader – 2006-2010

Stone Circle Wicca – 3rd Degree Certification with an Eclectic & Queer style of Wicca

Delcastle Technical School – Licensed Practical Nursing Program – 1989 – 1992

SCHOOL of LIFE! – Lifetime experience overcoming early childhood trauma, abusive relationships, and bad habits – 1980 – Current


First Aid / CPR /CNA – expired