Hollis Taylor

Inclusive Holistic Life Coach & Intuitive Emotional Resilience Guide

Offering Weekly Support groups with Gender Variant People at the center, we also welcome allies and anyone else that needs emotional support at any time.


Hollis is the author of “Divine Androgyne” – A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People”. Hollis offers a holistic approach to harvesting our most authentic selves and helps us all get in touch with our more spiritual heart that connects us to our higher power.

Hollis deeply believes that gender variant people are here for a reason & wants to help YOU figure out why you are here? Hollis wants to hold your hand while you clear the trauma of your past so that you can fully embrace your future! They hope to inspire you to overcome anything from obesity, trauma, physical challenges, mental blockages, self-sabotage, anything that holds you back. They want to support your search for your most authentic path, helping you to discover what that means for YOU!

Hollis brings the entire system, body, mind, and soul into consideration when offering guidance for you to find your fullest authentic path. With the understanding that our mental health is just as important as our physical bodies, often they are connected, and they are both equally connected to the soul. Using Holistic practices like yoga, meditation, energetic treatments, and herbal supplements could be used to help rebalance the system. Hollis leans towards natural forms of healing instead of taking a pill made with chemicals. Hollis also offers supplemental mental health for those that must use pharmaceuticals, especially for people looking to end their relationship with these costly options.

Hollis’ main intention is always in guiding you to authenticity, freedom, happiness, love, success, or other agreed-upon goals along the way. Hollis seeks to help you understand yourself more in order to celebrate your strengths and understand your challenges. Hollis is honest and gentle as possible with their words in order to use Love as a healing tool in a coaching relationship.


Hollis is a great coach for:

  • Gender Variant people of all kinds
  • Gender Non-conforming & Non-binary People
  • transgender people
  • gender-questioning people
  • genderqueer/gender-fluid people
  • GLBTQIA identifying people
  • queer paths, regardless of your identity
  • people who question or regret their transition
  • allies looking to tap into the wisdom from a non-binary person

Hollis has experience with

  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Gender Expression Shaming (when you are shamed for expressing outside the binary)
  • Spiritual SeekingĀ 
  • Mediumships/Tarot Reading
  • Astrology & Practical Applications
  • Learning Compassion
  • Finding Inner Peace
  • Being/Living Happy
  • Personalized Yoga/Meditation
  • Overcoming an abusive past
  • Sexuality (including kink & BDSM)
  • the hormonal transgender experience (more with natural but a little with synthetic)
  • Coming Out of the closet
  • Polyamorous Relationships
  • Long Term Relationships
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyles
  • Addictions (Ex: food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, video games)
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA)
  • Al-Anon and AA/NA/OA
  • Menopause/Puberty
  • Manic/Down Episodes
  • ADHD & Other mental health labels
  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques


Hollis has naturally transitioned from life as a woman to now live as a masculine expressing androgynous being. Often Hollis is most comfortable as an androgyne but can be seen fully embodying their masculine self, to help combat Gender Dysphoria, as Drag King, Izzy Ahee. Hollis carries themselves as an androgyne and insists on gender-neutral pronouns, where-ever they may go, as a form of activism for the next generations of gender non-binary people.

Hollis offers perspectives regarding sensitive topics including Sacred Sexuality, Deep Wound work, validation therapy for the elderly, and a spiritual path intended for those that push the gender boundaries. Hollis offers peaceful problem solving, empowered leadership styles, and inspiring healing programs for all peoples.

Evolution + Permanent Change

I have lost 3 sizes, 85lbs, and tons of baggage! As of 2017, loss of 100lbs.