Transformation! It happens! 

Are you looking to change the way you live your life? Do you need BIG BIG changes? As a transgender and gender nonconforming person, I have experienced my own BIG changes. As a support or alternative to therapy many people find bonding with a coach sparks big transformation in their personality, behaviors and soul! 

I pull from my own experience with major transformation to support YOU in your journey now! Truly my life’s dream manifested in my reality! I want to walk with you through the mud of your trauma and help you find that tree to help you ground. I will stand beside you while you dig out your most sensitive self from deep within that mud and help you find a way to walk in your new skin. I want to meet you in the darkness of your shadow, comfort you and inspire you to walk towards the light! I have done it, so I know the way. Let’s shed the burden of shame and step into your most authentic self expression! 

Are you cycling through behaviors? Do you find yourself struggling with self sabotage? Do you just feel lost? Wonder about your destiny in this lifetime? Want to develop your skills as a medium, astrologer or tarot reader? Need to get your business off the ground and need some guidance? Are you needing some deep inner soul guidance as you walk through your transition? Transgender? Gender Variant? Looking at your inner sexuality and wondering what’s happening? 

Hollis Taylor transformational coach

Transformation Life Coach

Pulling on my strengths as a guide I get to the root of things pretty quickly, it is my gift. This gift means that although I work very hard to be gentle sometimes I might find a root that hurts, and I will stay with you as we heal it together. I know it feels really big but weeds only grow back if you leave that root in the ground. I am naturally extremely patient and in the end its your choice what roots you pull up. Yet for those of us that want to get to the root, here I am. I will get to the root of things and help you pull it out, and grow something better for your soul. Let’s plant a garden in your mind and excavate the time bomb under the surface – I am sure it no longer serves you? Let me help you shed that next layer of skin because you deserve someone AT YOUR SIDE! 

Cognitive Behavioral Coach

I also have experience at transforming to overcome 100+ lbs weight loss – emotional eating – smoking – relationship behaviors – self sabotage – cult exit coaching -sexual addictions – anger management – depressive states – narcissism – codependency – gender dysphoria – feeling like I am TOO MUCH – feeling like I am NOT ENOUGH.

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