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Are you Gender Variant? The deep experience of feeling like a gender bender of any kind is a sacred experience. I, personally, am not interested in answering all the questions about the universe your heart may hold instead I think you hold the answer right there, deep in your heart. I believe that as a Gender Variant person you are more powerful than you know and you just need guidance on how to harvest your most authentic stuff.

What is Authenticity? Its when you act as totally yourself in every moment, with a constant reach for a more authentic you. I believe its kind of like enlightenment, we keep reaching for it.

What blocks us from being authentic? Mental Health, Gender Roles, Peer Pressure, Belief systems, habits, and behaviors. We will find ourselves believing we are ‘weird’ – ‘not enough’ – ‘too much’ – ‘strange’ – ‘dramatic’ and the list can go on for ages of how humans oppress their own authentic selves. Then of course, in dysfunctional relationships, we do this even more.

Suddenly we wonder why people are walking around WONDERING “Who Am I, really?”

As humans evolve into the future many of us step forward in vulnerability about our gender-bending or other personal expressions. When we do we can be met with opposition, dismissal, and even hatred or violence. Yet somehow, we are brave and step forward with our truth. Personally, I needed guidance all along with the way and now that I have come so far and want to help others. I see others with some of the same challenges I faced. I am inspired by the next generations deep knowing about their gender expressions at such a young age, I didn’t realize it till I was much older. Now as I comprehend our future as the human race I am moved and inspired to offer coaching that supports the vision of this generation and others to follow.

I see humans evolving, past gender roles, better mental health, balance with planet earth and general healthy evolutions in our futuristic world that will present a whole new set of challenges. As humans evolve into authentic personal expressions we will more deeply understand our need for connection with each other. We will learn to honor our ancestors, hear our elders, support our peers, nurture our youth, and all of us will be deeply connected to nature.

Idea world, yes, but if I hold the vision I believe it will manifest and others will join me. What might happen if only a portion were to believe in a better future for humanity? Would you accept the invitation of dreaming about a world of peace, connection, harmony, and love? Step onto the path of authenticity and join me in manifesting our new world!

I have come through so much darkness and make progress towards the light every day. I am confident in my ability to face adverse situations with the help of my tools and good habits. I want to help you with this too! TRANSFORM your life of feeling isolated, unseen, invisible, hated, discouraged into feeling celebrated, loved, driven, visionary, healthy, and authentic.

I celebrate humanity with diversity! Diversity is the inspiration for a community to grow and I love to see things grow! I understand many perspectives, even rather unusual ones, and often find myself learning from those I mentor or guide in this life. There are times that life is super hard and if we were able to reach for someone that understood, that cares and can make some great suggestions about how to handle life’s challenges then we are blessed.

I am accredited and all that – Click Here for my RESUME’ and ‘credentials’

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