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5 Hours of Instruction

Astrology Master Class

Basic Astrology

Beginner • 5 HRs

Join Hollis and Bright Hawk for an enlightening introductory astrology class designed to help you understand and interpret your own astrological chart. This comprehensive course includes five digital download classes, matching PowerPoint presentations, cheat sheets for mastering the material, and two hours of personalized coaching. Dive into the zodiac, planetary influences, aspects, and chart interpretation with hands-on guidance. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to deepen your astrological knowledge, this class provides essential tools and insights for navigating the complexities of astrology and uncovering the cosmic blueprint of your life.

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2. Click to see Gift Certificate, email it to yourself

3.Look for Email with gift certificate and link. Click Link.

4.Download/watch Classes on your own time

5. Schedule Sessions when your ready. Bring Questions.

6. Hollis will send your printable professional Astrology Chart

Email with links for downloads and more instructions will be sent to you once you sign up for the course.